Clary Sage | 4" Pot (Available Again in Spring 2022)
Clary Sage | 4" Pot (Available Again in Spring 2022)

Clary Sage | 4" Pot (Available Again in Spring 2022)

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Clary Sage

Salvia sclarea

Native to the Mediterranean and grown for its essential oil, Salvia sclarea is a perennial, or in some region biennial, with scented gray-green leaves, creamy white and lilac flowers.

I first grew this in our small urban garden in Atlanta. As soon as they bloomed, I regretted not dedicating more space to them, especially because their papery, mauve-pink bracts were just so darn sweet! Furthermore, all the first-year plants came back back the following year with zero work. As a garden nerd, beautiful, low-maintenance perennials are our stars! 

Interesting tidbits

Clary sage was a beloved herb in ancient Europe, not only for flavoring beer, but for food and medicines, too. Yet sometime in the Renaissance, the herb fell out of fashion. According to early 20th-century herbal author Maude Grieve, clary sage went largely forgotten until the late 19th century, when French perfume makers began using it as a fixative and fragrance. Perhaps that’s why clary sage is most commonly found today as an essential oil. (Source)



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