The Cutflower Garden Chronicles: Sunday | April 26, 2021

"Nature does not hurry. Yet everything is accomplished."
~ Lao Tzu

Even with the last frost date behind us, we decided to take a break from all the jobs to be done in the gardens and visited our family to kickstart the warm season. (Counter-intuitive, isn't it?) From prepping beds last fall to planting bulbs in November to sowing first round seeds in January, to still sowing more seeds today, we sometimes forget to pause and celebrate our own dedication and hardwork. So if you haven't yet given yourself that little pat on the back, go ahead and block some time off from your probably filled schedule; everything will be just fine with you stepping away for a day, or even two.

Bask in the glorious, cool sun before the 90-degree days set in! Have a great week ahead everyone! 


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