The Cutflower Garden Chronicles: Wednesday | April 28, 2021

“A fresh start isn’t a place. It’s a mindset.” ~unknown

One reason we love growing is - the garden is always ripe with opportunities for fresh starts, for dreams, and also for meaningful work and rewards, any time of the year! And it is all up to you (well, minus the forces of Mother Nature :) This year, we have changed up our back garden a bit to include more herbs and perennials and give up on the tasty veggies 🐰 🐿🤪.

Professionally, the frest starts in our gardens have reminded me to be patient and alleviated some of the stresses that came with graduating into a pandemic job market and landing in a complex industry! Starting anew has never been more fun, or felt “safer”.

Top, feature picture: today, filled with strawberries, salvia, roses, herbs, and edible flowers, etc.

Two above: last year’s lush veg and swiss chard. 

Last but not least: just dirt, our plans and dreams. :) 

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